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Navajyotians Hattrick in CHSE

01 Ashish Tripathy 2009
02 Bijaya Sahoo 2010
03 Srikanta Sahoo 2011

About NJSC

  • “NAVAJYOTI”, now already a name in the educational hub of Odisha especially in Bhubaneswar the capital city was shrouded in mystery till 2002. In a grand historic moment it came into being in 2003 as a premier +2 Science coaching.

    +2 Science Education at that time was at a disarray. So with a noble intention and ideal attitude some valued educational lovers and aspirants of acme achievers undertook an untiring Endeavour to impact fresh and fruitful +2 Science education making them able personalities in growing their impressive career and on account of their enviable Endeavour is today’s NAVAJYOTI. NAVAJYOTI first emerged as a Science Tutorial in the golden year 2003. A number of noble souls extended their helping hands at its prime stage for its present fabulous growth and glamour.

    Why NJSC? (Our Salient Features)
    1. We take personal care and provide attention to each pupil.
    2. We provide a home like hostel to both Boys and Girls separately
    3. Our teaching method is coaching oriented driving out the doubts.
    4. We provide Engineering and Medical coaching in association with “Amogh Classes”.
    5. Our Lab facilities are unique and uncompromising.
    6. We attend to any health issue at once.
    7. Here also reigns a fully veg atmosphere.
    8. We create a holistic atmosphere by imparting yogic science and moral education classes.
    9. We provide self sufficient laundry service at our hostels.
    10. Outing facilities add to provide mind refreshments of Navajyotis.
    11. We redress personal grievances through counseling.