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Agriculture career options for a +2 science student

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In India, Agriculture is important not only in terms of feeding its huge population but also providing excellent career opportunities. The varied geographical conditions of India allow the growing of different crops across the country. India is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the world. The start-ups in agriculture are also growing steadily with innovations in technology. So, if you are thinking about making a future in the agriculture field, read the article below to know the various career options available in agriculture and its allied sectors.

Career Options in Agronomy Sector:

Agronomy is one of the most sought-after domains in agriculture with excellent future scopes in both govt. and private sector. A career in Agronomy primarily deals with plants; food, cash-yielding crops, etc. The average salary in this industry starts from 4 lakhs per year and can increase with your expertise and experience. Professions in Agronomy are-
•    Environmental Specialist
•    Soil & Plant Scientist
•    Green House Manager
•    Agronomists

Career Options in Agribusiness Sector:

The job responsibilities in the agribusiness sector include the production of agricultural goods, distribution, sales, marketing, etc. Agribusiness Management, BSc (Hons) in Agri- Business Management, B.B.A. in Agribusiness Management, and MBA in Agri-Business, are some of the courses to help you make a career in Agribusiness. The average salary in this field ranges from 4-15 lakhs per annum which may increase with your experience and expertise. Professions in agribusiness are-
•    Food Manager
•    Market Analyst
•    Agricultural Analyst
•    Agribusiness Marketing Co-ordinator

Career Options in Agriculture Engineering Sector:

The career scopes in Agriculture Engineering are ever-evolving because the industry needs such individuals to come up with innovations to enhance the agricultural product-making capacity, and create a sustainable, well-equipped farm industry. The courses available in this field are- B.Tech Agricultural Engineering, B.E. Agricultural Engineering, and M.Tech.
Agricultural and Food Engineering, etc. The average salary in this field is 3 lakh per annum but is subject to rise with years of experience and expertise. Job profiles in Agricultural Engineering-
•    Agriculture crop engineers
•    Agriculture inspectors
•    Food supervisors
•    Microbiologist

Career Options in Veterinary Science Sector:

A career in Veterinary Science is rewarding if you love spending time with pets, animals, or other livestock. There are various courses available in this field at UG, PG, and doctorate levels- Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, BVSc in Animal Production & Management, Master of Veterinary Science, MVSc in Veterinary Medicine, Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine, etc. The average salary in this field is 5 lakh per annum. Some of the job profiles in veterinary science are-
•    Veterinarian
•    Veterinary Surgeon
•    Ecologist
•    Wildlife biologist
•    Microbiologist

Career Options in Food Science Sector:

With constant development and introduction to new technologies, Food science offers a diverse range of careers with high salaries and growing options in the agriculture sector. The available courses to pursue this career are- BSc Food Science, BSc Food Processing Technology, BSc Food Technology, BE Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Engineering, etc. You can earn 3 Lakhs per annum on average in this field. Some of the professions in food science are-
•    Food scientist/technologist
•    Quality assurance manager
•    Nutritionist
•    Chef
•    Toxicologist

Career Options in Forestry Sector:
Global issues like Climate Change need professionals like environmental and conservation scientists to subdue the situation and save forests. It also helps with mental and physical health. So, if you have an affinity towards forests and want to contribute to their conservation, courses like BSc Forestry, BSc Forestry in Silviculture & Agroforestry, MSc Forestry, etc., will help you build a future in this field. You can earn 3-5 lakh per annum on average in the forestry industry. Some of the career choices in forestry are-
•    Nursery Manager
•    Wildlife biologist
•    Environmental scientist
•    Entomologist

Career Options in Horticulture Sector:
Horticulture provides a wide variety of job options in garden beautification, landscape designing, producing nutritional crops with high vitamins, producing flowering crops and marketing them, etc. The top courses to help you make a career in this field are BSc Horticulture, BVoc Horticulture Sciences, etc. A horticulturist earns an average of 4 lakh per year. Professions in Horticulture are-
•    Horticulturist
•    Landscape designing
•    Seed analyst
•    Floriculturist
•    Soil Scientist

Agriculture is a multidisciplinary domain with great career options after 12th science. Government schemes like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, and ‘Made in India’ created more opportunities in this field. There are various entrance exams you need to clear to enter a good agriculture college. You also need a good percentage in the 10th and 12th exams as these are considered at the time of admission.