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What are the facilities available in Navajyoti Group of Institutions?

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Navajyoti is a Science College, situated on the outer edges of the city centre of Bhubaneswar, is a suitable college for developing science students. For the complete growth of our youngsters, we offer the best amenities. At Navajyoti Junior Science College, you can learn in a dynamic environment that fosters competitiveness and development. The college has knowledgeable teachers who employ creative teaching techniques.

There are numerous facilities available in Navajyoti Group of Institutions. That are :

  • College Campus Tour- You can experience the ideal college life thanks to Navajyoti’s campus life programme. We think that every student can grow in a helpful atmosphere. Field trips, educational tours, and other additional features are fascinating, entertaining, and a terrific way to broaden your perspectives in terms of knowledge. We work to ensure that youngsters are making overall growth by creating an environment that fosters enthusiasm and an ambition to learn.
  • Athletics- The sports department at Navajyoti has developed a number of athletes who, on a number of occasions, have brought honour to our school on the national stage.
  • Arts and Culture- Life cannot be separated from art and culture. We urge our students to participate in cultural events and contests and to be aware of their culture.
  • Laboratories- In order to improve each student’s real-world skills, we provide fully furnished and contemporary laboratories for chemistry, physics, biology, and IT.
  • Health Care Units- To meet their urgent requirements, the college places a great priority on the well-being and sanitation of its students. The sick beds, breathing apparatus, and other required emergency aid accessory items are all present and correct in this well-stocked miniature pharmacy.
  • Hostel Facilities- Boys and girls have their own individual hostel. Room that is tidy and clean. With the help of knowledgeable household supervisors, keep a meticulous and orderly environment. Hostel teachers frequently stop by.
  • Information Technology- Students can study information technology there and perform real-world tasks in the computer lab.
  • Library- Around 15,000 volumes, including titles from the educational library's vast holdings of CHSE, NCERT, JEE-Main, and medical preparation books, can be found there. Periodicals and scientific periodicals are another something we offer to academics. For the benefit of academics, we streamline the book-lending process.
  • Entrance Coaching- Get the best entrance coaching available from Navajyoti and give your best try as much as possible for NEET, JEE, or OUAT.
  • Transportation- To ensure that students come and leave without incident, the college arranges transportation services for the sake of their safety and comfort.
  • Dining on Campus- Indian and Chinese foods are among the selection of refreshments, suppers, and beverages at the college campus cafeteria. At any time, have a meal with your buddies.

Thus, I would like to conclude that it is the best science school. Don’t wait after 10th or 12th if you are really passionate enough to continue science further in your life. Get ready to apply here.