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With tons of love
Santanu Mohapatra
Navajyoti Group of Institutions
(Bhubaneswar, Odisha)

Chairman’s Message:

Education is not a goal, but a lifelong process.

Here at Navajyoti Degree Science College, we do not teach our students just for academic certificates. Our goal is to suit them for life.

I believe science is the only appropriate form of education in today's world of competition and increasing knowledge. Enthusiastic about this goal and purpose, l pursued a science and technology degree in my career.

After years, I felt inspired to lead an institution to achieve my goals. And hence started the journey of NAVAJYOTI, primarily as a Coaching Centre. But now, it’s a proud name in the science industry by becoming Nvajyoti Degree Science College established under JEEVAN DEEPTI TRUST FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH since 2010-11.

We have done our best to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of many scholars with enviable abilities and have fully completed this mission. I extend and pronounce all GOOD WISHES the night before the start of a new session for our old and as well new ventures TO TRAIN YOUNG TALENTS & CREATE EXPERTS. We need full support, cooperation, and trust from all sectors in this regard to fully achieve our goals in the coming days.

Therefore, your own decisions and worries are the guiding forces of your own life. Make them direct and result-oriented. In conclusion, I must affirm that Navajyoti is determined to serve, survive, and excel. Feel empowered and open to your help by allowing us to take a step towards fulfilling your mission.